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Goshavank Monastery

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The Gosh monastery, formerly known as Nor Getik, is situated near the village of Gosh, on the eastern slope of the wooden valley of the Tand-zout, 23 km from the chief town of the region, Dilidjan. The monastery complex was founded in 1181, on the day its first church, dedicated to St Grigor Lousavoritch (the Illuminator), was inaugurated by the famous monk and legislator Mkhitar Gosh. The second church, in order of time, was the church of S. Karapet Hovnan. All that remains of these two buildings are the historical accounts of them written by Kirakos of Gandzak, a disciple of Mkhitar Gosh. The monastery complex, erected over a 116-year period, comprises the main church of St Astvatzatzin (1191-96), the smaller church of St Grigor (1209-31), the zhamatoun (1197), an ante-chapel used exclusively for burial purposes, the library (1291), the church of St Grigor Lousavoritch, built by Prince Grigor Tgha in 1231, and the refectory.     Goshavank Monastery

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Goshavank Monastery