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Church/Monastery :: Hripsime  
Church of St. Hripsimeh

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Church of St. Hripsimeh was built in Etshmiadsin on the orders of Catholicos Komitas in 618. The date of the church is confirmed by Catholicos Komitas' two signatures (one inside the building, over the Eastern apse; the other, outside, over the Western entrance to the cathedral), and also by Sebeos, a 7th century historian. The architectural forms, decorative motives of the window ledges and numerous marks of master masons show St Hripsimeh's affinities with its 6th-7th century counterparts. It is interesting to consider the church's stone structures, particularly; the sub-dome transition with the enormous, well elaborated stepped squinches.

St Hripsime is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List (  
  Church of St. Hripsimeh

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Church of St. Hripsimeh

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