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Abas I:
Abbas I, Shah:
Abich, Hermann:
Abovian, Khatchatour:
Abrahamian, Ara:
Abu Bakr:
Agassi, Andre:
Aghaian, Ghazaros:
Aghbalian, Nikol:
Aharonian, Avetis:
Ahura Mazda:
Akcam, Taner:
Al-Rashid, Haroun:
Alexander II:
Alexander III:
Alexander the Great:
Ali, Mohammad:
Amatouni, Vahan:
Ananyan, Vakhtang:
Antiochos III:
Antonin the Holy:
Antonius, Marcus:
Argishti I:
Argishti II:
Ariobarzane I:
Arsalan, Alp:
Arshak II:
Artashes I:
Artashes II:
Artashes III:
Artavazd I:
Artavazd II:
Artavazd III:
Artavazd V:
Artzrouni, Grigor:
Ashot I:
Ashot II:
Ashot III:
Aslan, Kevork:
Aurelius, Marcus:
Ayvazovski, Hovhennes:
Aznavour, Charles:
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