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Turkey, Genocide, and Emperor's Cloths
By Vahagn Avedian

Everyone knows about it, everyone talks about it, but yet no one seems to be willing to point out the obvious error. Talking about Turkey and its denial of the Armenian Genocide, I can't help thinking of the story about Emperor's Cloths... >>>

One Week after Sweden Rejected Recognition of the 1915 Genocide…
By Vahagn Avedian

On June 12, 2008, the Swedish Parliament, with the votes 245 to 37 (1 abstain, 66 absent), rejected a call for recognition of the 1915 genocide in the Ottoman Empire. A week has passed by since the world heard the argumentation of the Swedish Parliament and its decision to reject recognition of the 1915 genocide. A short review of its meaning and effects is in its place. >>>

Swedish Parliament Refuses to Recognize the 1915 Genocide
By Vahagn Avedian

On June 12, 2008, the Swedish Parliament, with the votes 245 to 37 (1 abstain, 66 absent), rejected a call for recognition of the 1915 genocide in the Ottoman Empire. On June 11, a long debate took place in the Swedish Parliament in regard to the Foreign Committee report on Human Rights, including five motions calling upon the Swedish Government and Parliament to officially recognize the 1915 genocide. In its answer (2007/2008:UU9), a majority consisting of the ruling alliance parties together with the Social Democrats (opposition party) proposed rejecting the motions, whereby the Green (Miljöpartiet) and the Left (Vänsterpartiet) parties announced their reservations, forcing the Parliament to have a debate in the main chamber before the proposal was voted on. >>>

October 11, 2007 - Turkey's Empty Threats have Lost their Meaning
By Vahagn Avedian

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Congress affirmed on October 10th the H. Res. 106 calling upon the US president to recognize and condemn the Armenian massacres in the Ottoman Turkey during World War I as genocide >>>

March 12, 2007 - Armenian History is far more than just Genocide
By Vahagn Avedian

On April 24 the world remembers the Armenian Genocide. The genocide is a burnning issue and occupies a major part of the Armenian life as well as the academic research regarding the Armenian history. But the 3000 years of Armenian history embraces far more than just the genocide. >>>

October 31, 2006 - The annihilation of Armenia Continues Undisturbed
By Pierre Karatzian

1.5 million Armenians were murdered by Kurds and Turks during the first of the 20th century’s many genocide. Turkey denies that it ever happened. Pierre Karatzian depicts here a historical retrospect. He will visit the ZENIT in Malmö on November 16. >>>

April 20, 2006 - Do not Forget the Victims of the Armenian Genocide
By Vahagn Avedian

It was during the days of the first Gulf War and we were in the social studies’ class discussing the situation of the Kurds in northern Iraq who were suffering heavily of the exceptional severe winter conditions. Our teacher turned to me and asked my opinion about this issue since I came from the region. “To be honest, I do not feel the same sympathy that you are expressing. They did much worse things to my people during the Armenian Genocide, when they were used by the Turks in annihilating the Armenian population.”

But fifteen years later I don't except everyone else to feel the same... >>>

December 5, 2005 - Turkey's Denial is the Failure of the World's Major Powers
By Vahagn Avedian

Five Turkish journalists are facing charges for having "insulted the judicial system" by criticizing a court order for banning a conference about the Armenian Genocide. This happens in the midst of Turkey's EU negotiation and while Europe is highlighting the importance of reforms in Turkey regarding human rights. But EU has not done much more than pointing out the Turkish failure in this area.

But neither the Turkish disrespect for human rights nor the failure of the world major powers to force Turkey to remedy this shortage. This game of politics can be back dated to the end of 19th century... >>>

Octtober 2, 2005 - Turkey Swings Back and Forth
By Åke Daun

Turkey’s negotiations with EU start on October 3. Confronted with the demands for freedom of speech, the Turkish government has turned on its heel.

Among the most recent issues are, among others, the much debated conference about the Armenian Genocide, the reactions from the Turkish judicial system, and the prosecution of the Nobel Prize candidate Orhan Pamuk, for crime against the "Turkish national identity. His crime: mentioning the Armenian Genocide...>>>

August 10, 2005 - Armenia: 1995-2005

I visited Armenia for the very first time in the summer of 1995. Much has changed since that and now, during my latest visit to Armenia, I couldn't help recalling how everything looked liked for ten years ago when I first visited Yerevan.

Much has changed in Yerevan, but the amount of work to be done is of astronomical size in comparison to the acheived progress... >>>

April 1, 2005 - How much is a nation's dignity worth?

How much would you say a nation's dignity and human rights are worth? One million? One billion? An island? Five military contracts?

The question might seem highly hypotethical, but the fact is that it is very real... >>>